Saturday, 1 June 2013

From the Principals Desk

For as long as humanity has been aware of itself, human beings have been seized with the curiosity to understand their history, identity and the meaning of their existence. 
We need to relate to others in a meaningful way. This is contained in our motto or credo; “Duty is Sacred”. Our vision and mission encapsulates the very ethos that we as a school stand for. 
In this day, with an ever changing environment and a society that is not always clear on its mission, Good Hope High School knows that we must accomplish our aims here on earth, but greater still, achieve our life long goal, and that is to reach heaven one day.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Give Light to this World

The Give Light to this world CD features the following timeless tracks
1. It's a good feeling
2. Lord let me be
3. All of me
4. You are the God of me
5. Strong mighty tower
6. In harmony
7. How awesome
8. Whole again
9. Forever His mercy endures
10. We are blest
11. Lest we forget
12. Give light to this world To own your own copy today, do not hesitate to contact the school to place your order.

Siyani Bulisa: We greet you

This album features the following great classics
1. Siyani Bulisa
2. New Day Dawning
3. Eagle's Wings
5. Good to Know
6. Eternally
8. Be Glad
9. He's coming Back

Moments to Remember

1. The Call
2. Joyful Medley
3. Abandoned
4. I want to Wlk (a capella)
5. Lord, Let Your Light
6. Shine, Jesus Shine
7. Alone with God
8 Oh, I Want to Know you
9. Awseom God Medley
10. At the name of Jesus
11. How can I look
12. All to Jesus - There Across the Sky (Medley)
13. Worthy is the Lamb!
14. Reprise: The Call, It is the Cry, Abandoned